Interview with Bonita at MysticMag Online

Join MysticMag and embark on a journey through the realms of psychic insight and transformative coaching as we delve into a captivating conversation with Bonita Kay Summers. Discover her lifelong exploration of psychic abilities, profound spiritual experiences, and how she utilizes practices like Psych-K and intuitive coaching to empower individuals on their unique paths.

August Forecast

August is going to bring disruption, inspiration, and realisation of hidden patterns. We are in for quite a shift in awareness!

Once again, I’ve used the Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice set, 2nd Edition.

July 2023 Forecast

This month’s forecast is a doozy! Be prepared to face a difficult situation if you want a happy conclusion to July! This forecast was made using a BackerKit product: The Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice version 2.

Leadership in Relationships

To hone our skills as leaders, we have to recognize our own potential – and realize when we are suppressing aspects of our psyche trying to come to consciousness. There is no better way to discover our suppressed potential than through relationships. The most challenging ones we have actually help give us the greatest benefit on our spiritual path – if we seize the opportunity!

Leadership at Home

Being a leader on your home turf is no easy matter. You have to work with the core patterns and occasionally conflicting aims of your family members, and work through your original familial conditioning to lead from your inner wisdom. Here, we explore points to ponder in the ways we provide leadership at home.

Leadership: The Role You Play

As a leader, you play a role, but you don’t own it. Any prestige or perks that come should be associated with the role you play, and not be seen as a personal gain to ourselves. In this podcast, I discuss the humility and non-attachment required to be a leader who nurtures others to follow in our footsteps.

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