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Life is an adventure led by the wisdom of our souls.

For more than 40 years, I’ve explored meditation, breathwork, spiritual retreats, and practices with teachers and mentors to be able to offer you a comprehensive program of psychic and spiritual development. Life is a spiritual adventure.

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The whole planet is in the process of awakening. We can struggle on our own, or we can make the journey together!


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16 July 2021

This month’s forecast was made using the Karma Cards by Monte Farber.

Each month, I’ll be presenting a forecast showing what areas to focus on and where that shift will bring us in the month ahead.

Friday September 24th

Join me at noon for a free live stream of my latest seminar. Register to win prizes.

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Wednesday October 6th

Join me at 11 am for a free online workshop, “Befriending Illness”. 

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jb owen
Bonita was so amazing in our session and really gave me the most honest and divine clarity.
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